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The Property - Use is at your own risk
Run Dog Run is accessed and used at entirely your own risk. You will not hold Run Dog Run responsible for any injury to you, your family, your friends or your dog(s) whilst making use of this facility. You agree not to let anyone else use Run Dog Run during your booking other than your friends or family members you have brought with you to enjoy walking your dog(s). If you bring anyone else to this site, you agree that you take full responsibility for their safety and ensure they abide by our terms of use whilst using Run Dog Run. 
Please be aware that although the meadow is a lovely large open space, it does contain some areas of uneven ground. It also has some overhanging branches, which may fall into the field or fruit off the trees may fall onto the ground that your dog might find tasty, but could be hazardous to them. The field is also alongside a cricket pitch which when game is in play, be aware that a ball that may enter the field. If you notice this, and you don't mind, please return any balls back over the fence. Be aware that the small trough for drinking water could be deep for some of the smaller breed dogs. In addition, the meadow could contain any other hazards consistent with the countryside and open spaces. 
Run Dog Run retains the right to entry of the field at any time for any reason even if you have made a prior booking.
Please note that CCTV is on operation at Run Dog Run.

Access to Run Dog Run 

For access, please enter Run Dog Run off Wyfold Road. The entrance gate off Wyfold Road into Run Dog Run should be kept closed if the field is not in use, so you may need to open this gate yourself. Please close this gate after your visit.  On entering, turn left and continue to the far end of the paddock. Drive into the more secure corridor area. If you are early, there may be vehicle in this area and the gate to this corridor should be closed, indicating that someone is within the field, so do not enter. Use one of the parking bays to wait until the corridor becomes free. If Run Dog Run is not in use, the gate to the corridor should be open and you can then drive into the corridor area. Shut the gate and then go ahead to disembark. Walk down the corridor and use the smaller pedestrian gate to enter the field. Your dogs should be kept on a lead until you are in the field and the gate has been secured behind you. Dogs must not be let off the lead under any circumstances until you are in the secure area of the field and the gate is secured. Please do not park anywhere other than designated car parking bays. Please ensure that you leave Run Dog Run promptly 5 minutes before the end of your allotted time, even if you entered the field after the start of your allotted time. Remove your vehicle from the corridor area prior to the next user’s arrival. This internal gate to the corridor should be hooked up and left open.

You are welcome to walk your dog(s) with family or friends; however, we can only allow two vehicles per booking due to our planning permission. Only one vehicle can make use of the more secure area of the corridor at any one time. No more than 6 dogs should be using Run Dog Run at the same time without prior authorisation. No subletting or splitting of slots is allowed. Children should be supervised at all times and you will take responsibility for making sure that they do not injure themselves or break any of the terms of use. Please be aware that Run Dog Run has not been made child safe, and therefore certain elements may pose an additional hazard or risk to children (water trough and poo bins).
Please be aware that there are no toilet facilities at Run Dog Run.

COVID -19: Please ensure use the hand sanitiser to comply with good practices. If you prefer to use your own poo bags rather than use the ones provided, that is fine. Please only dispose of poo in our bins.
We ensure that we
 dispose of the dog waste responsibly at significant cost, so please use the bins for dog waste only. Please take any other waste home with you to recycle or dispose of as appropriate.

Insurance and Taking Responsibility for your Dog

It is your responsibility to carry third party insurance cover for any damage or injury caused by you or your dog(s) to Run Dog Run, the items in the field, the gates and fencing, or to any persons. 
It is your responsibility to keep your dog(s) and children under control at all times and you shall not permit any of your dogs to act in any way that may result in an offence being committed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991..
Any dogs that are registered as XL Bully breeds must follow the regulations for walking in secure fields. If the household has more than one dog they can come to the field together as long as they have a minimum of one handler. If there are dogs from different households using the field at the same time, the banned breed will need to remain muzzled and on a lead with one handler per XL Bully dog.

The Fence 

Every effort has been made to secure Run Dog Run and keep it safe. We security check and maintain the fence daily. The dimensions of the fencing varies as it gets higher and the lower area is 7.5cm x 10.1cm and 7.5cm x 12.7cm, moving slightly larger to 7.5cm x 15.2cm. Damage to the fence may occur due to several reasons, including falling trees or branches, general wear and tear and digging by dogs or other animals. If you notice any breach of security with the state of the fence, please let us know immediately (07766444759 or 07970201772) so that we can fix it as soon as possible, and ensure other Run Dog Run users are aware. 
However, we cannot take any responsibility for any dog escaping Run Dog Run, regardless of the situation or whether we have notified you about an issue in advance or not. 

Bookings can be made up to 30 days in advance and no less than 12 hours before a slot. If you have created a login to use the Run Dog Run website, then bookings can be re-scheduled prior to 24 hours of the booking. Any missed bookings are non-refundable. All bookings must be paid for at the time of booking Run Dog Run visits via our online booking system. Use of Run Dog Run is only possible after accepting of our terms of use before you use the facility. 
If you do have any concerns or issues with your bookings please contact me on and I will gladly assist as best I can.

Updating Run Dog Run terms of use may need to take place from time to time. By making a booking you are agreeing to abide by the most current terms of use in place. 

Many thanks for taking care of Run Dog Run and we hope you enjoy your visit.


Thanks for supporting Run Dog Run

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